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Meet Martin

MBA, Entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker

Do not lament the little failures so much. Those little failures are often catalyst to large victories. 

Martin Jarvis

For three decades, Martin Jarvis has been a mentor to young people living in challenging environments. With a focus on incarcerated youth, he dedicated 17 years as a weekly speaker, mentor, and motivator, providing guidance and hope to those in need.

Martin is a prolific author, having written twenty-one books that offer insights and strategies for personal development and success. In addition to his literary work, he produces two motivational cable programs, both of which have been airing weekly since 2005. These programs serve as a platform to reach a wider audience, sharing his message of empowerment and transformation.

Martin's mission is to help those who struggle to tap into the success that seems to elude them. He challenges the status quo in approaches to business, health, personal productivity, prosperity, satisfaction, and spirituality.

By offering tweaks in self-perception, adjusted personal metrics, and a more positive worldview, his concept of "Another Perspective" aims to make the difference between success and failure for many.


Martin's unique approach involves mentoring individuals to see their potential from a different angle, encouraging them to make small but significant changes in their lives. His dedication to uplifting others and his passion for personal growth make him a valuable mentor and motivator.

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