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Embracing Change and Finding New Relevance

As Charis and I grew older, my relevance as "dad" seemed to decrease. A religious proverb expresses, "There are times when we must decrease so another may increase." This adage resonates deeply with the reality of parenthood. It's not as if I haven't experienced this before.

I decided to take some time off to determine the direction for the next phase of my life. Charis signed up for scuba school during this break—perfect timing, as I was off and could drive her there. At the last minute, we learned she needed a dive partner. I thought, "Hey, I am off!" But then I remembered I am almost 63 years old! However, being in reasonably good shape, I signed up. I was excited but a little nervous.

To make a long story short, you all know how I've been advocating for exercise and a proper diet. Two final religious sayings come to mind: 'Be instant in season and out of season,' which means being prepared and adaptable in all circumstances, and 'God orders your footsteps, 'which suggests a divine plan guiding our lives. As you age, opportunities for where your footsteps can be ordered become fewer. However, I have done what I could to remain healthy.

This experience taught me that my footsteps have been led to another relevant place in her life.

Life Application

This narrative offers valuable lessons for those navigating life's transitions and challenges. It emphasizes the importance of adapting to change, maintaining health, and finding new ways to remain relevant in the lives of loved ones.

  1. Embrace Change: Understand that change is a constant in life. Embracing it can lead to new and fulfilling experiences, enriching your journey and inspiring others.

  2. Maintain Health: Prioritizing your health through exercise and proper diet can open doors to new opportunities, regardless of age, empowering you to live life to the fullest.

  3. Seek New Relevance: As roles shift, find new ways to be relevant and supportive in the lives of those you care about, fostering a sense of engagement and connection.

Self-Assessment Questions

  1. How can I adapt to the changing dynamics in my relationships with loved ones?

  2. What steps can I take today to prioritize my physical and mental health?

  3. How can I find new ways to be relevant and supportive as I and those around my age?

  4. What opportunities can I seek or create to maintain a sense of purpose and connection?

  5. How can I remain open to new experiences that may initially seem daunting or outside my comfort zone?

Reflecting on these questions can help you navigate life's transitions gracefully and purposefully, ensuring that your actions today plant the seeds for a meaningful and fulfilling future. Remember, each phase of life brings opportunities for growth and relevance.

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